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Shining Armor x Princess Cadence 'Prince Charming' by LugiaAngel Shining Armor x Princess Cadence 'Prince Charming' by LugiaAngel

Number one of the twins and my designs for the Shining Armor/Cadence children. Here we have Prince Charming :dummy:

Prince is both his title and part of his name. Idea was by Cadence, she just had to call him like that :giggle: I dunno what Shining thinks, but he doesn't have anything to say about it XD Its just so cute and fits him so well ♥

Just like his mother his talent is to love very deeply and spread love wherever he goes. He isn't very masculine... Almost not at all :lmao: He's kind, caring and friendly, but gets picked on because of his feminine appearance and behavior. He's afraid and allergic for a lot of things, and was a very sick baby. He's the weaker one of the twins.

Twilight is his babyfoalsitter :la:

I don't have much to say about him XD
His sister, Princess Mi Amore Valentina, is coming soon (: Shes probably just a unicorn, but a very talented one.

Any suggestion's for designs for other foals, parents or other relatives of official pony characters? Let me hear =)

Art, character (c) me
MLP (c) Hasbro
I find him utterly adorable and your vector work is amazing! Though his design left me thinking (no offence) that he was a bit of a girl/boy. I think it may be the mane or cutie mark or accessories, like the crown with the heart or the shoes that are like his mums. It's nice the way you mixed the mother and father together and the colors have come out nicely. Over all I think that you have done a great job but you may want to make some minor changes to make him a bit more boyish. Love the name choice as well:)
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This is an incredible and adorable piece. I love the colors of his curly mane. They give him a nice, yet royal feel. In my opinion, if you changed the color of his . . horseshoes, I believe, then it would make just a bit more boyish. I think silver or a navy blue would be in order. The same with the crown and his cutie mark. I think the cutie mark (other then the gold color) is a fine choice for him. Other then the things I mentioned he's a perfect colt for Cadence and Shiny Armor. His name is absolutely wonderful. I couldn't think of a better name myself. I find this foal one of the best I've ever seen for this pairing. I'd love to see much more of Prince Charming in the future.
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June 14, 2012
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