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.:Concept:. Werecat Costume by LugiaAngel .:Concept:. Werecat Costume by LugiaAngel

My bff wants to go to a carnival party together, next month. The creative person I am (*cough*), I just had to create my own costume. I didn't wanted anything to crazy or to colorful, though original. Last Halloween I also started brainstorming about a self made costume, but I didn't went to that party in the end, so I never started anything good. The idea was for a half transformed Werecat girl. My bff loves vampires, so she wants to dress up as one. I myself prefer Werecats, even when they are so extremely unknown compared to their canine family members. And this is what I came up with. Simple but pretty <3

I have the shorts and leopard spotted top in my closet, so that's easy. Somehow I want to make the ears and tail myself, however I dunno how yet. For the green contacts with diluted pupils, and sharp teeth I will look in all shops in the nearby town were I can possibly find them XD Otherwise I'll look on internet. I can remember my older sister had fishnet stockings close to this, but I'm not sure. Though I'm sure their easy to find. The gloves are easy to make. I'll also look for the same or close jewelry were I can. I have a stud belt, though its pink and black, so I'm not sure about that. The makeup will be extremely easy for me, so that will be fine. Fake nails obviously. Mine are to short XD Jacket... Doesn't need to look like this, I'll find something close easily. And the heals... My mother owns some of these. Probably end op wearing Vans or something XD Can't have unworried fun with these things.

Looooooong story, wish me luck :lmao:

Oh and btw, this girl looks like an awesome character :giggle:
Got me thinking...

Art, concept (c) me
Don't use this in any way.
Peggycupcake23 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2012
This looks scary and dark ! but I must admit I do love her pose and eyes outstand out very nicely
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January 21, 2012
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