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"Art is much less important than life,
but you got a a poor life without it."

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Emma, 17, Dutch, cat person, Ponyfan, Whovian, Pokéfan,
Lugia fan for 13-14 years ♥

:bulletred: :new: Tumblr:
You remember the contest I held about a year ago? The plan was: pick a color scheme, between 3-6 colors. The first 3 colors are the ponies' base colors (probably used for mane, eyes, markings, coat, etc). Show them to me like this:… Then you will also pick three 'character traits'. Like... "Introvert, caring, insecure." or "Popular, sportive, adventurous." The original and interesting, the better. When I see the chosen traits and colors, I need to immediately see a pony design before me, one I really like.

I will choose three entries. They will get a FREE OC PONY. It can take some time until they are done, I have my final weeks of school and I want to raise my grades a little bit more for next year ;)
However, there are rules. You need to draw the design within a month, or you won't get it. Also put your best into drawing him/her, and give it a name and a (short) back story. I need do ask this so I won't create a design for nothing. And please, promise me: use it. Don't draw it one time, please use it. I would love to see the pony getting a good owner.

For extra clarity, here is an example entry:
Name: (your username on dA, I will copy the entry and put it in this journal)
Color scheme: (link here, 3-6 colors)
Characters traits: "Envious, mean, antisocial."

Really simple yes C:

All the rules
x you can't use the design for: adoptables/breedables, selling or giving it away (unless it was a gift all along, but please tell me beforehand), use it as your OC 
x you can only change the design with permission (I don't like it if I put all my time in a design and you change the gender/markings/hair/race/etc)
x if you don't like it, the design will be given to someone else. I won't make you a new design, sorry
x draw the design within 1 month. Put your best in drawing him/her, he/she is your new character after all
x the design needs to be used. So you need to draw it more then one time in the future
x don't claim the design as your own. You don't need to credit me every time you use it, but stay honest
x if I discover that you didn't follow one or more of the rules, or I think your mistreat the OC, he/she will be taken from you, I still have that power c;

Entering the contest is agreeing to the rules c:
Questions? Comment or note.

I also add this, because the previous time people misunderstood it:
Only three entries are chosen, not everyone why enters. 

And for the people who are still awaiting designs or drawings from me, I'm either working on them, or I still have to work on them but I will soon. I didn't have much time for drawing and designing the past months... :C

x Entries

Name: Kitty-Keely
Color schemes:… (WARSONG please ^^)
Character Traits: Compassionate, Odd, faithful

Name: 19646
Color schemes:…
Character Traits: naive, innocent and dual personality

Name: XxDrewpuff11xX

Color schemes:
Character Traits: Laughs at everything, quick witted, and floral lover

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