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but you got a a poor life without it."

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Funny faces by LugiaAngel
Funny faces
I started my first internship and they have this awesome and super expensive tablet were you can draw right on the screen. I just had to try and this is the result, a little something for Valentine's day (kinda) and a very different drawing style from moi.
It's not exactly a lovey-dovey drawing, but Blitz loves his daughter very much :happybounce: 

Lightning Blitz & art (c) me
Rainbow Dash (c) Hasbro
Nocte ac die by LugiaAngel
Nocte ac die
My character Daystar right before she got her cutie mark (which I didn't design yet :giggle:). Her talent is playing the harp and other string instruments, accompanied by singing.

I'm slowly pulling myself out of my art block. I always wanted to draw Daystar playing her harp.
Daystar is a mysterious travelling musician, and daughter of a night and a day pony. She loves both night and day.
Blessed with a special kind of magic while being an Earth Pony, she always was one of a kind. She likes to be on her own, is very gentle and elegant.
A friendly mare, but she has a problem with trust.

Art, character (c) me
I've been gone for quite some time. Mainly because of new class, lots of homework and an enthusiasm-for-drawing-block. I don't know what it is with me. It's like every time I start something new I lose the interest or the talent for drawing it after half a year or so... It happened to pokemon, then horses and now ponies x'(

I still kept an eye on dA but didn't read a lot of my messages so I may have missed something in case someone messaged me. I even still have to reply to my birthday wishes (from August...) but if you read this, thank you! ♥ 

The point of this journal was... I also noticed Fukari's lovely adoptables and how popular they are. Don't get me wrong, it's just that I really would love to earn some money by doing something I like to do and designing is something I ALWAYS love to do. So if I can make some money with designing characters, from ponies to maybe even fantasy creatures and humans, that would be really awesome. Of course those characters would not be just adoptables, but really fancy ones, adoptables with lots of love and effort put in their designs and maybe a fitting backstory that goes with them. This may even spark up my love for drawing again :la:

So the question is:

Would people like it if I would design really fancy characters + personality & backstory

created with effort and even buy them?

Also for the people who are still awaiting some designs, I promise you will get them soon. I'm full of inspiration now :3
Psychic Sisters by LugiaAngel
Psychic Sisters

Finally finished these two characters. Designing the two sisters was easy, I had their design in my head for ages, however, their names and cutie mark were really hard. So for now these will be their cutie mark and their nicknames. I haven't chosen the perfect name for them both and I'm not happy with the right mare's her cutie mark. 

I do LOVE their hair, I'm very proud. What foxy has in her mane is a ribbon knot like seen here… It's her mane, not an accessory. Hymm has a ordinary knot, however her tail is slightly inspired by a classic unicorn tail. Both twins are earth ponies, but with unique traits.

Left we have the youngest sister, her nickname is Foxy. She, like her sister works in some kind of entertainment place. Mares and sometimes stallions dance, sing for and entertain a mainly wealthy audience, giving them an amazing evening. This has nothing to do with the dirty stuff, it's all very refined, like Geisha's. Foxy isn't an easy girl, however she is known for liking to experiment, also between different sexes. She is the social one of the twins. She talks with visitors, holds them company, chats and flirts with them. The fan cutie mark has two meanings. 1. it stands for both gracefulness and allurement and her dance talent, Foxy is a flirt and a ponyfication of grace and elegance 2. the peaking fox on the fan stands for her slyness and her ability to deceive. Her main psychic ability is hypnosis. She uses dancing to hypnotize. With this she can get a lot of things done.

Right we have the older sister, her nickname is Hymm. She rarely talks and speaks in a slow, soft voice. Her eyes aren't visible. They are believed to be deformed. Hymm hides them with her bangs. Oddly, she can see perfectly fine. This is because of her third eye with which she can see without normal eyes. She can only see everyponies aura, and also take a look in the future and past. The aura reading can tell her perfectly about someone's life, their personality, feelings, thoughts and deepest wishes. Her eye can also predict and feel either good or bad things which are going to happen. She dances, like her sister, though she is less talented. Her talent lies more into singing. She doesn't flirt with the public and rarely talks with them. She isn't interested in both mares and stallions, not even the slightest form of romance. Her cutie mark was supposed to be a Japanese inspired wind chime with an eye, however I just kept disliking it. So now I added both. She may get something entirely new, I'm not sure yet.

They both are psychical talented since a young age, what they may have inherited from their mother. Their mother could not bear the burden of her talent and presumably went mad. Her daughter's haven't seen her since they were very young. They seem to control their ability just fine but both share the fear the same faith could happen them. Eventually they ended up with an organisation who could really need two spies with psychic abilities. That's the main reason they work were they work now. To gain information. The place is popular with the bad guys and wanted criminals. A perfect place to go undercover.

Characters, art (c) me
Please don't use these characters or the art for your own use.
Lyra's Parents by LugiaAngel
Lyra's Parents

Lyra's father is an Irish folk musician. He plays several instruments like the Banjo (his favorite, also his cutie mark), the Concertina, the Celtic harp and the Mandolin.
Lyra's mother is from Equestria and a jazz musician. She plays the Saxophone as one of the best. She doesn't look and isn't very feminine, like her daughter.

They met in an Equestrian Jazz club while Lyra's mother was playing a saxophone solo. I'm still not fully sure about how they fell in love. I know for sure it wasn't love at first sight. I do think that their interest for each other's music could have brought them together. At least Lyra's mom is the only mare who can handle her dad and his oddness. He tends to get a music instrument out of nothing and play a completely improvised song he think is fitting to the mood or situation.

Lyra's father loves myths and old Irish tales. He told Lyra about the so called humans. He himself has been hunting down a leprechaun since forever for it's gold. Nobody else has seen it except him and supposedly Lyra. 

I thought about naming her father 'Liam' because it just really fits him, it's an Irish name and Liam and Lyra sound great.
For her mother I thought about something like 'Jazz', 'Jazzy' or something like "Eva' or 'Ava'. For her it's way harder to find a fitting name...

What Lyra inherited:
- his eye color (slightly duller)
- part of his mane style (namely those tufts of hair, his are red, hers are white)
- mix of his coat color
- his music talent
- being, well...odd

- her hair color (slightly darker however)
- white streaks (different places)
- mix of her coat color
- her music talent
- her horn
- her tomboyish looks

I'm not completely satisfied about their looks, but I keep them like this for now.

Enjoy ♥
If you would like to see them as separate pieces, comment.
Questions about them, just ask c:

Characters, art (c) me 

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